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Dynamization is conceived as the process of increasing the potency of a substance by progressive dilution, combined with succussion (liquids) or trituration (solids).  Homeopathists believe that succussion releases the spirit-like, healing essence of the substance (derived from an animal, botanical or mineral source) and concentrate it, while the dilution removes the physical presence of the substance itself.  Thus at a dilution of 30C (30 successive dilutions of 1:100) no molecules of the original substance remain; however, the potency of the preparation is perceived to be high because at 30C the substance has been extensively dynamized.  The process of dynamization is sometimes referred to as potentization.


In Hahnemann's words: " The thirtieth (dilution) thus progressively prepared would give a fraction almost impossible to be expressed in numbers. It becomes uncommonly evident that the material part by means of such dynamization (development of its true, inner medicinal essence) will ultimately dissolve into its individual spirit-like, (conceptual) essence. In its crude state therefore, it may be considered to consist really only of this underdeveloped conceptual essence." 

From The Preparation of Medicines, The Organon, 6th Ed