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Up Cause of disease Like Cures Like Dilution Provings Treatment The homeopathic treatment of a patient begins with careful history taking and observation of the patient.  A list of the patient's symptoms is developed and can be determined from the materia medica or compared to a repertory.  The materia medica contains the results of provings of thousands of substances.  The idea ia to match the patients symptoms as closely as possible to the symptoms listed for a given substance in the materia medica.   

The prescription is based on the symptoms and the behavior of the patient.  Hahnemann believed that a single remedy should be given at a time, to prevent interference between two or more remedies.  

The response to treatment is believed to follow the Laws of the Cure, which state:

A remedy begins to work at the top of the body and progresses downward.
A remedy works from the inside out; from major to minor organs
Symptoms go away in the reverse of their order of appearance.  

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