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Samuel Hahnemann Quotes:

on Allopathic Physicians

"For several centuries, a whole range of causes, which I could not begin to enumerate, have led to the downgrading of that divine science, clinical medicine, to the level of a wretched, money-grubbing exercise in the whitewashing of symptoms and a demeaning traffic in prescriptions, in fact, God forgive us, to a more mechanical trade in which Hippocrates is lost to sight amidst a rabble of charlatans." 

"Fight Like With Like"

"Every effective drug provokes in the human body a sort of disease of its own, and the stronger the drug. the more characteristic, and the more marked and more violent the disease.  We should imitate nature, which sometimes cures a chronic affliction with another supervening disease, and prescribe for the illness we wish to cure, especially if chronic, a drug with power to provoke another, artificial disease, as similar as possible, and the former disease will be cured: fight like with like."

Dynamic Force

"In our time, which boasts such enlightened and deep-thinking souls, does it have to be so impossible to conceive of a nonmaterial dynamic force when we see around us every day so many phenomena that cannot be explained in any other way? Is it through taking substantial doses of an emetic to bring about antiperistaltic movements in the stomach that we feel nausea at the sight of something sickening? Is it not exclusively the dynamic action of seeing something revolting upon our imagination? Do we need a lever or a visible material contraption to lift an arm? Is it not exclusively the nonmaterial dynamic force of the will which lifts it?"

Quotes taken from:

 Wittern R: The origins of homeopathy in Germany.  Clio Medica 22:52-63, 1991

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